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Homeward                                                                                        Solace

















At night across the mountains when darkness falls,

And the winds sweep down out of the hollows,

The wild things with their shiny eyes come to the edge of the clearing.

At such an hour, the house seems safe and warm.

An island of light and love in a sea of darkness.

At such an hour the word home must have come into being.

Dreamed up by some creature that never knew a home.


In his yearning there must have come to mind the vision

Of a motherís face, a fatherís deep voice,

The aroma of fresh baked bread,

Sunshine in a window,

The muted sounds of rain on a roof ~

The sigh of death ~

The cry of a new born babe and voices calling good night.


Home ~ an island, a refuge, a haven of love.

~ Earl Hamner



Song List

The Passing Year (Autumn's Song)

I'll Put Some More Wood on the Fire

Autumn in New England

When You Are Near

It Made Me Think of You

Home is Where the Heart Is

A Long Way Home

It's Good To Be Home

My Lady

Be My Valentine

I Am Free

Where The Answers Lie

I Need The Seasons

Join In The Living


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"Home is where the longing ends, where the ache no longer exists, where love and peace, and warmth are found in a smile or a word, touch or a kiss."


- Tim Durnan



      Dearest World, I know how terribly youíre hurting right now, in every way imaginable. It may appear that there is no hope of turning it all around and experiencing the peace, morals and values of innocence. But, in fact, the solution is a very easy one. The answer, however, is not to be found in man, himself, in all his genius and accomplishment, as manís history has proven, but by finally all recognizing, loving and honoring God, putting Him first in our hearts and lives; by putting Him back on His rightful throne of our hearts, as our Creator and King, of this earth and all else thatís in existence. And the remedy of all our woes only comes at the price of our love and devotion to Him. In all reality He has never been deposed from His throne. It is only foolish man that refuses to recognize his eternal existence and Divine Kingship.


      God does not need us, but, nonetheless desires us with an infinite love and longing. God made us for Himself, to share in His unbounded joy and happiness for all eternity. Here and now is where we are to make up our minds and decide whether or not to be with Him forever. The choice is ours. He patiently invites us and wants to pour out His love on all of us, but will never impose Himself on us or interfere with our free will. He has manifested and revealed Himself in the person of Jesus Christ. And, if you want to know just how much He loves you and me, and to what great lengths He took to prove His love, take a long hard look at a crucifix. Know this- that all the sins of mankind put together do not equal one drop in the ocean of Godís infinite love and mercy. My sins and your sins are no match for Godís greatest attribute, His Infinite Mercy.

      There is nothing that He wants more than for you and me to run and jump into His loving arms and receive His infinite forgiveness, healing, blessings, mercy and love. God is all goodness. Nothing good exists outside of God. We are all born with an infinite God sized hole within us. And absolutely nothing can or will ever fill that hole except God. Havenít we wandered in the desert long enough? Isnít it time we returned to our Fatherís house?

      If humans in all their glory can create space shuttles, computers, automobiles, and artificial hearts, would it not, then, be the pinnacle of arrogance to assume that we, as human beings, are merely the result of chance; order arranged out of chaos. No one in their right mind would suggest or believe in a notion that something as intricately complicated as a computer, with all its myriad parts, even given 10 million years, could ever be manifested or composed without an objective designer or intelligence putting it all together to function as we understand the word. We, as humans, are vastly more complicated than anything that man has ever created. To think that the former is impossible and yet say that no one created man would be like saying that a tornado could blow through a junk yard and assemble a Stealth bomber.









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      Song List


Beyond Beautiful


Clikety Clack

It Made Me Think of You

St. Joseph's Theme

Guardian Angel

All I Could Do

Heaven Was Made For People Like You

In Perspective

Have You Ever

Mother May I

It Was Meant To Be

Mater Dolorosa


Solace began one summer evening in August of 2000. While casually talking to a friend that night I felt a very strong and unique inspiration come over me that I can only remember having happened to me, maybe once or twice before in my life. I stopped and told my friend of the unusual and inspiring feeling that had come over me, to get things rolling right away in recording my first CD. I have no doubt whatsoever that it was the Will and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Well, a year and a half later, taking time off for Easter and Christmas and sleeping once and a while, Solace was finally finished. I had the privilege of working with an outstanding recording engineer and artist by the name of Jerry Jennings. I recorded "Solace" at Jerry's studio, 12 Tone Studios. Through it all we became very good friends. I was blessed to have worked with some 20 very talented musicians and vocalists on the album, including a string quartet.   And to place the icing on the cake, my best friend, Keith Plucker, created and produced this outstanding CD jacket and insert.

      The first part of this incredible and passionate dream that came to me when I was 12 years old had come true; to write and record songs that would touch hearts and souls in a very deep and profound way. By the overwhelming emotional response and feedback I've gotten (since Solace's debut in January of 2002), it appears that I've done that. The second and most important part of my dream officially began with my debut concert on August 3rd, 2002 at Presentation Parish in Sacramento. It was a very blessed event for me as well as for those who had attended. My next CD is in the making. The theme of this next one will be about hearth and home, about family and friends and the changing seasons, particularly autumn and winter, my favorite time of the year. I can't wait! Thank you Lord, Blessed Mother and St. Joseph and all of you holy angles and saints. And, thank you all my friends for your great interest and response to my music, and for helping to make my lifetime dream come true!

God Bless,
Love and Peace,